Hayden Kho et al are reincarnates of men hundreds years ago

Hayden Kho and other men – who by virtue of their professions and circle of friends can freely bed the women they toy around while the hidden cameras are rolling – are reincarnates of the 16th century Spanish oppressors who take in many women as sex slaves in their ships. Warped in time, there is no difference at all between an American-Chinese sounding name and the Spanish apellidos except that present-day Philippines has laws to protect the women, or so they say.

But while it is a no-no for the present-day journalists to have dangling conjunctions; men like them during past and present times can freely strut around the dangling flesh in between their legs – with or without cameras.

Women like Katrina Halili and others are forced to step out in the open not only because they are recognizable in the camera or that they would like to save their face but would like to take the cudgels for other women and finally put a stop to this never-ending greed expressed in the flesh. May her tribe increase.

Everybody has been feasting on the sex video much like our Spanish oppressors’ feasting on the sex slaves. Selling women slaves had been profitable because it had a double purpose at that time. Fray San Pedro in his letter to King Felipe III  in 1609 revealed women are made to labor for the ship sailors and at the same time act as sex slaves while on board the Spanish ships. He even urged the Majesty to issue a Royal Decree to stop the trade as this is “evil” and may “destroy” Spain in the future.

That was exactly 400 years ago. Today, nothing has changed except for the names, faces and the way women are exploited. It is no longer in the restricted colonial ports but has gone beyond the open portal of the web that has a universe of its own going out of control.

What Kho and Halili (whether the video recording is known or unknown to her) did not realize after that sexual tryst – which Kho described as “fun” – is its permanent recording in the pages of social history that can no longer be erased in the cultural memory not only of today’s generations but of the many more generations to come.

We may forgive but we never forget.

Halili and other women are trophies for Kho; the women sex slaves were symbols of the foreign oppressors’ subjugation of a land and everything on it, including women’s bodies, among others.

There have been many women who were victimized in the past. Let this experience be an eye opener for us in the present: Greed for sex, wealth, power and fame are always recorded in the leaves of written history or passed on from one collective memory to another in oral history. Nothing or nobody escapes it.

7 responses to “Hayden Kho et al are reincarnates of men hundreds years ago

  1. neng, aside from the historical patriarchal roots of Kho’s behavior, he is also a product of a gendered medical profession. remember the cebu surgeon who also videoed his “transgendered” patient?

  2. Yes, you are correct. It is not only a male-female relationship. Professions, medicine for one, are also gendered in feminist parlance.

  3. Nakakapanggigil ang mga ganitong lalaki. This is what we call objectifying women.

  4. biktima rin naman ang mga lalaki ng lipunang sexist at opportunist. kaya nga sa mga adult women, ingat sa pakikitungo sa mga lalaki. hindi basta-basta pumapatol. mabuti nga, may choice na ang mga Pilipina ngayon. sa mga ina naman, mahalagang conscious sa pagpapalaki sa mga batang lalaki at pagtuturong hindi lamang puro sex organ ang babae.

  5. Men of this kind would appear macho at first sight. But if we look again, it is not really so. What kind of a person could do such disgusting act of displaying oneself in a supposedly intimate and sacred union – oops,it is not, to begin with, I guess…eh?

  6. It’s nice to look at our history to assess any changes, but maybe we should offer something to move forward positively.

    • I agree, Jean. I believe that everything starts with education. But if we look at the quality of education that our young people are getting right now, mostly knowledge, less on values and principles. We have to do something to improve the quality of our education. Adults must serve as good examples, too.

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